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The Ultimate Packing Checklist for your Timeshare Holiday in Wanaka

The Ultimate Packing Checklist for your Timeshare Holiday in Wanaka

Written by Amanda Fry

Are you getting excited for your trip to Wanaka? It's such a beautiful and fun destination - but don't get so excited that you forget to pack properly!

Here's our ultimate packing checklist of things you can't forget when visiting Wanaka during summertime.

1.The essentials


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You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) at how many people forget to pack the basics like underwear or a toothbrush. It's understandable as you're probably busy ensuring you have the right gear for all the fun activities, but it can be frustrating to realise your mistake upon arrival. The first things that should go into your suitcase are the most forgotten items:

  • Underwear
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Brush or comb
  • Phone charger/power adapter
  • Swimsuits
  • Passport/identificatio 

2.Hiking gear


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Okay, now we're moving on to the Wanaka-specific stuff and first things first: hiking gear. The South Island of New Zealand is famous for its scenic hikes, and Wanaka has over 750 kilometres of trails, some of the best in the country. You have to be sure to bring the adequate gear for whichever expedition interests you. Typically, you want to make sure you're prepared with the following hiking gear:

  • Hiking boots/sturdy trainers
  • Layers of cotton based clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat/sunglasses

 3. Water gear


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Your cosy timeshare resort is located at the beautiful Ramada Resort Wanaka, which is only a short distance away from the stunning Lake Wanaka. There are tons of activities to do once you get down to the lake besides swimming (you can swim at the resort too!). Be prepared for activities like snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, boating and jet-boating. Or, you know, just enjoying a quiet, lakeside picnic. Don't forget to pack these essentials for a day by the water:

  • Bathing suit
  • Wetsuit
  • Water shoes
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent

 4. Camera/GoPro


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Ramada Resort Wanaka makes an idyllic backdrop for a nice family photo, so you'll want to have a nice camera to capture a high-quality picture for the family photo album. But, be sure to pack your GoPro camera (and your wits) for the more extreme activities. We're talking everything from horseback riding adventures to canyoning, all the way to skydiving and parasailing. So, to reiterate, you will need the following for capturing all the fun-filled activities you'll be doing in Wanaka:

  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Wits

Now you're officially ready to head on your holiday. If you need more information on this destination, contact our team here at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.

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