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Why People are Spending their Savings on Wyndham Timeshare

Posted by Nadia Campagnolo on 27-Dec-2018 12:17:46

Published on 27-Dec-2018 12:17:46

Are you feeling like you need to take charge of your life and make bold changes? Are you looking to share meaningful life experiences with family that money can’t buy? Many families have spent their savings on Wyndham Timeshare, with no regrets. It’s because they’ve amassed enough memories to fill dozens of photo albums while working through their personal travel destination list. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Timeshare is the gateway to achieving this because it’s not a financial investment. Rather, the only investment you are making as a Timeshare Owner is in creating special vacation moments with your loved ones…

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How Regular Families are Holidaying at least Twice a Year

Posted by Maddison Leonard on 27-Dec-2018 11:59:51

Published on 27-Dec-2018 11:59:51

 ou’ve been watching friends and families having the time of their lives on holidays. And not just any holiday. These are luxurious, spacious apartments at enviable destinations in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and beyond. They feature on your must-visit list too. But it’s got you wondering… They’re a family, just like you. How can they afford these awesome holidays? And how can they afford to take multiple holidays with their children?

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Wyndham Surprises its Timeshare Owners with Christmas Presents

Posted by Nadia Campagnolo on 24-Dec-2018 13:33:37

Published on 24-Dec-2018 13:33:37

Nothing says "I value you" better than when companies take the time to look for ways to create personalised and memorable experiences for their customers.

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All Work, No Play – Are You Feeling Holiday Deprived?

Posted by Nadia Campagnolo on 20-Dec-2018 14:26:42

Published on 20-Dec-2018 14:26:42

Ever thought to yourself, “I need a holiday”? 

If that’s what you need – what’s standing in your way?

An estimated 52% of Australians didn’t use all their annual leave in 2017 and the reasons for this vary from being too stressed at work to stressing over planning the holiday itself. It has led to more workaholics who can’t sleep, eat terribly and never spend time with their families. This is unlike Wyndham Timeshare owners, who take regular holidays – as much as 2 to 3 times a year!

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5 Holidays Every Family Should Take Together

Posted by Nadia Campagnolo on 10-Dec-2018 13:27:08

Published on 10-Dec-2018 13:27:08

It’s every parent’s desire to raise their children in a way that prepares them to lead meaningful lives, teach them healthy habits and create treasured childhood memories. And as they grow older, children realise the value of these memories on a deeper level. It’s about family bonding time that far exceeds any material possessions. But, what about the cost factor? Is it out of your reach? Reaching your destination for that dream family holiday is possible with us.

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