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How To Holiday Like a Local: Gold Coast

Posted by Ilona on 16-May-2018 10:57:00

Published on 16-May-2018 10:57:00

Can you guess which beach was voted the 7th best in Australia?  I'll give you a hint: it's on the Gold Coast.

For those who haven't heard of the Gold Coast, it's an Australian domestic holiday hotspot (we have three timeshare resorts there), famous for Surfers Paradise, the glitter strip, theme parks and inviting beaches. I'll give you one more hint about Australia's best beach: it's not Surfers Paradise.

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What does Hobart hold for you?

Posted by Amanda Fry on 11-May-2018 10:50:00

Published on 11-May-2018 10:50:00

Have you heard how incredible Tasmania is? We think you should check it out, there's so much to see and do!
On your next holiday, you'll want to base yourself somewhere luxurious and tranquil with plenty to offer. After all, you don't take a holiday just so you can do the same things as you would at home!
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Your Guide to Jet Lag

Posted by Amanda Fry on 09-May-2018 08:07:43

Published on 09-May-2018 08:07:43

No one likes to experience jet lag when they've just landed in a beautiful destination. Read these tips to help your travels.

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5 Easy Tips to Start Implementing a Balanced Work-life Style.

Posted by Daniela Skowronski on 03-May-2018 14:16:17

Published on 03-May-2018 14:16:17

When was the last time you took a break from the stressful everyday life? In today’s world it’s all about getting things done. The clock is constantly ticking. Getting to work, staying back and working long hours, getting the kids from day-care, cooking dinner... it simply does not stop.

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Inspirational Travel Quotes for the Soul

Posted by Amanda Fry on 03-May-2018 11:18:00

Published on 03-May-2018 11:18:00

In need of some inspiration to get your travel thoughts into motion for the year? We have the perfect travel inspirational quotes right here...enjoy!

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