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How Regular Families are Holidaying at least Twice a Year

Think you can’t afford a timeshare holiday? Here’s how families just like yours are enjoying timeshare holidays without breaking the bank.
Maddison Leonard on 27-Dec-2018 11:59:51

Published on 27-Dec-2018 11:59:51

 ou’ve been watching friends and families having the time of their lives on holidays. And not just any holiday. These are luxurious, spacious apartments at enviable destinations in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and beyond. They feature on your must-visit list too. But it’s got you wondering… They’re a family, just like you. How can they afford these awesome holidays? And how can they afford to take multiple holidays with their children?



This could be you, if you’re with us! Wyndham Timeshare Owners are spoilt for choice and don’t have to worry about breaking their bank balance every time they holiday. With 18 years of experience to our name, we’ve mastered the art of delivering quality timeshare holidays. Here’s how it works:


We have welcomed almost 60,000 families into our WorldMark South Pacific Club. These families use their Vacation Ownership (also known as timeshare) regularly to get the best deals at the best places.

Families buy Vacation Credits – and with these credits they can book their holidays. The credits you purchased when you initially signed up, is the same amount you receive every year. It’s our currency so to speak. And that’s the biggest worry taken care off. Think about it – you spend the most on accommodation when you go on a holiday, don’t you? Those dream resorts or hotels don’t come cheap. But hotels mean you’re stuck in one room. Your bags are lying on the floor so there’s no space to walk around, sit or enjoy the view, which can ruin even the best of holidays. There’s always the option of camping – but there’s even more limited space. With our timeshare holidays, there’s no such stress. We offer one to three bedrooms – and there’s a kitchen and lounge in most of our properties too.

You can book holidays 2, 3 or more times a year, depending on the number of credits you have, the room size required and of course, availability. Planning is the key. If you don’t, you’re missing out. All you have to do is save for spending money and travel costs. Of course, travel costs can be minimised even further if you book in advance as you have more time to shop around for the best deals. Another plus of holidaying with us, is that you don’t have to eat expensive restaurant food or unhealthy fast food. With a kitchen within reach you can whip up meals for your entire family at a fraction of the cost. So it’s a very homely feeling – but the holiday and adventure spirit remains.

So, we hope you’re not wondering anymore about the benefits of timeshare holidays. We’ve shared the secret as to why those family members are always so happy. You see, few things can energise families like holidaying with us can. There’s freedom of space and movement. There’s the freedom to choose from beautiful destinations. And there’s the freedom to travel, knowing your next holiday is on the horizon.

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