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Timeshare Review: "A unique lifestyle change"

We married straight out of university in 1999 we couldn’t afford anything extravagant; a honeymoon was out of the question. We became timeshare Owners in 2002.
Amanda Fry on 26-Dec-2017 16:00:00

Published on 26-Dec-2017 16:00:00

When we married straight out of university in 1999 we couldn’t afford anything more extravagant than one night in a hotel; a honeymoon was out of the question.  We became timeshare Owners in 2002, while waiting for our first home to be built. We started with 6000 Credits and our first trips were local destinations – Port Stephens and Pokolbin.  

Our first fly-to resort was Cairns, which became our honeymoon in 2003.  Cairns was spectacular and we clocked up many kilometres exploring Cairns, Port Douglas and the Daintree area.  Since then we have used our membership to book rooms for the whole family at Port Stephens so they could have a golf weekend. We have celebrated birthdays at various resorts, and have learnt the advantage of booking ahead. It not only gives you something to look forward to, but also allows you to make occasions a real celebration.

We went to Fiji for our ten-year anniversary, and had an amazing time jet boating, snorkeling, and drinking cocktails.

Other trips included Calypso Plaza, Kirra, Sydney, Ballarat, Port Macquarie Flynns Beach, Fiji and Wanaka. We now use the Travel Club for most of our travel bookings and having reached platinum Ownership, we can travel a lot more.  I tend to book by email and let the travel club organise everything.  Last year they booked our flights and accommodation in Hong Kong, and arranged flights, stopovers, hire car and the accommodation in Wanaka, for our first family ski trip – all on points! This meant we could ski, and not worry about the budget.


This year we spent a week in Fiji for my husband’s birthday.  The resort is awesome; they babysat my daughter in the kids club so we could have a massage. Everyone is friendly and if you wander around the other resorts on Denarau, you can see the difference in the standard – Wyndham actually has the largest pool.   The Travel Club also arranged flights and accommodation in Germany for me this year.

The value of the Wyndham Ownership became apparent recently when we went to Uluru. Accommodation in a similar standard to Wyndham is $580 per night in low season. Airfares were $1400 for the two of us and there was no hire car available so we had to join group tours for any sightseeing.  

We have booked Coffs Harbour for our anniversary next month, a trip to Seven Mile Beach in March for a combined birthday, and Katoomba for my birthday next year, plus a return trip to Wanaka in August. The timeshare points with Wyndham are a fantastic investment that has brought us more joy and fun than bricks and mortar or shares ever could, and created a unique lifestyle change, that would have seemed unachievable when I was younger. It has given us an option to share holidays, create memories, and take a relaxing or energetic break several times a year.

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