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2 of the Best Romantic Getaways on Denarau Island

Posted by Amanda Fry on 17-Apr-2018 10:17:00

Published on 17-Apr-2018 10:17:00

You've done it! After weeks of waiting in anticipation, you and your significant other have escaped the office, broken free of routine and are on your way to a well-earned timeshare holiday in beautiful Fiji!

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Timeshare Review:“Our Big Family Holiday in Fiji”

Posted by Amanda Fry on 10-Apr-2018 10:48:00

Published on 10-Apr-2018 10:48:00

My wife Bec and I spent our belated honeymoon at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island, Fiji, some years ago and have returned since with our eldest son Christian as we just couldn’t deny him the unique Fijian experience we had. 

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Timeshare Review: “Our Decade of Exceptional Experiences”

Posted by Amanda Fry on 02-Nov-2017 09:47:06

Published on 02-Nov-2017 09:47:06

One of my favourite authors Ernest Hemingway once said to never go on trips with anyone you do not love. So all of my trips to Wyndham’s Resorts around the world over the past twelve years as a proud timeshare Owner have involved my wife who has supported me to fully enjoy these exciting experiences and memorable journeys.

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Timeshare Review: "We’ve Visited Fiji 12 Times!”

Posted by Amanda Fry on 20-Mar-2017 09:48:33

Published on 20-Mar-2017 09:48:33

We have been timeshare Owners since 2003 and we would say that purchasing holiday Credits with Wyndham was a truly inspired decision and one with which we have absolutely no regrets.

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Top Tips For Better Holiday Photos

Posted by Amanda Fry on 21-Dec-2016 07:55:44

Published on 21-Dec-2016 07:55:44

Here at Wyndham, we're all about living in the moment and making the very most of every holiday experience. A beachfront paradise resort is no place for scrolling through your Facebook feed or checking Instagram - you've got all the time in the world for doing that back at home.

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