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Timeshare Review: "Living the dream and creating precious memories"

Posted by Amanda Fry on 24-Oct-2017 09:46:17

Published on 24-Oct-2017 09:46:17

Our Wyndham journey started in March 2012 during a trip to the Gold Coast with our son and his fiancé, where we attended a presentation at Wyndham Surfers Paradise. It was there we became Owners.

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Timeshare Review: “WorldMark Helped Us Create Lifelong Memories!”

Posted by Amanda Fry on 12-Jul-2017 11:16:13

Published on 12-Jul-2017 11:16:13

Helen and Damian have been timeshare Owners since 2003. They travelled to Vegas with their Ownership on what they described as a holiday of a lifetime and indeed that's exactly what it was! Read about their holiday...

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Things to do in Phuket

Posted by Amanda Fry on 10-May-2017 08:35:36

Published on 10-May-2017 08:35:36

Planning an holiday to tropical Phuket? Here we recommend you some of the island's best attractions that won't break the bank.

Phuket is a favourite holiday spot for many Australians because of its beaches, food and nightlife. It's one of those affordable holiday destinations that you could take your entire family to without breaking the bank, or if you want to spoil your other half with some needed luxury. 

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