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7 Things To Do at Seven Mile Beach

Posted by Amanda Fry on 03-Apr-2018 14:18:00

Published on 03-Apr-2018 14:18:00

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next timeshare holiday? How about ticking off all seven of these gems at Seven Mile Beach?

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Top Antarctic Expeditions in Tasmania

Posted by Amanda Fry on 26-Mar-2018 15:03:00

Published on 26-Mar-2018 15:03:00

Travelling to Tasmania is a bit like stepping back in time. Separation from the mainland has meant that native plant and animal life have thrived, with parts of the region appearing all but untouched.

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Art thou ready to Hobart?

Posted by Amanda Fry on 24-Jul-2017 10:14:13

Published on 24-Jul-2017 10:14:13

Hobart oozes historic charm, and is an idyllic location for your next timeshare holiday. Here are the top three things to tick off a Hobart travel bucket list. 

Tasmania, or 'Tassy' as many Aussies call it affectionately, has a fascinating capital city that is well worth visiting on your next holiday. 

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Timeshare Review: "Tasmania’s Beautiful Lavender Fields"

Posted by Amanda Fry on 05-Jul-2017 09:49:28

Published on 05-Jul-2017 09:49:28

Pru has been a Wyndham timeshare Owner for 16 years. Pru and her friend recently took a trip to Tasmania to visit the magnificent lavender fields! Here's her story...

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Make No Mistakes with Australia's Best Lakes

Posted by Amanda Fry on 21-Jun-2017 14:22:00

Published on 21-Jun-2017 14:22:00

Australia is home to several fantastic lakes, each offering their own distinct features. From the tranquility of Blue Lake, to the adventure of Lake Argyle, there's a lake out there for you. 

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